Friday, June 27, 2014 - 9.15 pm
Martha Graham Dance Company

Choreography by Martha Graham
Music by Igor Stravinsky
Costumes by Pilar Limosner after Martha Graham and Halston
Lighting by Solomon Weisbard
Scenery by Edward T. Morris

Choreography by Nacho Duato
Music by Arsenije Jovanovic e John Talabot
Costumes by Angelina Atlagic
Lighting and Scenery by Bradley Fields

Choreography and Costumes by Martha Graham
Music by Norman Dello Joio
Original lighting by Jean Rosenthal
Adapted by Beverly Emmons

Choreography for Errand into the Maze by Martha Graham
Concept and Direction by Luca Veggetti
Music by Gian Carlo Menotti
Lighting by Philip Trevino
Costumes by Luca Veggetti 

Martha Graham 
has had a profound and lasting impact on the art and American culture. She defined the contemporary dance as an American unique art form, that the nation has in turn shared with the world. Crossing the boundaries of art, she has collaborated with the most important visual artists, musicians and designers of her time, including the sculptor Isamu Noguchi and composers such as Aaron Copland, Samuel Barber and Gian Carlo Menotti.

The innovative style of Marta Graham has grown thanks to her experimentation with basic movements of contraction and release. By focusing on core activities of the human form, she has animated the body with raw electric emotions. The sharp, angular, and direct movements of her innovative technique have been dramatically innovative, compared to the predominant style of the time.

Graham has influenced generations of choreographers including Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor and Twyla Tharp. Ballet Dancers as Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov followed her to expand their art. Artists of all kinds were eager to study and work with Graham, she taught actors including Bette Davis, Kirk Douglas, Madonna, Liza Minelli, Gregory Peck, Tony Randall, Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson and Joanne Woodward to utilize their bodies as expressive instruments.

During her long and renowned career, Graham has created 181 compositions for dance. During the Bicentenary she was awarded the highest civilian honor in the United States, the Medal of Freedom. In 1998, Time named her the "Dancer of the Century". First dancer to perform at the White House and to act as a cultural ambassador abroad, she captured the spirit of a nation. "No artist is ahead of his time," she said. "It' s just that others are behind the right time."

The Martha Graham Dance Company is a leader in the development of contemporary dance since its foundation in 1926. Inspired by the expansive vision of its pioneering founder, the company has expanded the vocabulary of contemporary dance, with masterpieces such as Appalachian Spring, Lamentation, eChronicle, rooted in social, political, psychological and sexual context.

Always a fertile ground for experimentation, the Martha Graham Dance Company, was an unparalleled resource in cultivating many of the leading choreographers and dancers of the twentieth and twenty-first century. The innovative Graham technique and its unique style have earned acclaim from audiences in more than 50 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Today, the company continues to promote the spirit of genius of its founder: staging the classics of Marta Graham, of her contemporaries and their successors, as well as more recent works.

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